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We are a European chain of discount shops offering apparel for the entire family and household products at the lowest prices. We have been growing dynamically in Poland for more than a dozen years. We have become the most popular seller of children’s clothing and a leading supplier of decorative products. We owe our success to our people and their involvement.

Our mission

To provide our customers with the easiest access to all of the products they want and need every day, to clothe their families and to decorate and run their homes for the lowest prices.

Our vision

To become the largest, the best, the cheapest and the best known discount brand for clothing and housewares in Europe.

Our strategy

Our aim is to build our business in a sustainable way by focusing on several major areas of development, namely our colleagues, customers, supply chain and supporting infrastructure.

PEPCO in numbers

More than 18 million customers a month

More than 15 years of continuous growth

More than 18 000 employees in Europe

More than 1900 shops in Europe

More than 600 employees at our Poznan Head Office

More than 2,500 pallets of goods delivered daily to 11 different countries


At PEPCO, we understand that our dynamic growth leads to impact on our world– both environmental and socially. 

We take that responsibility seriously, which is why we make every effort to go beyond the basic, selling-related role of a retailer.

We are committed to improving the quality of life of our people, our customers and our local communities.  We know that the drive for perfection can never be completed, but we’re committed to operating with the welfare of the present and future generations in mind.  

We endeavor to work responsibly and, in return, we expect the same from all PEPCO associates. The sourcing company, responsible for of the majority of the items we offer as a whole Group, has a strict Code of Conduct for its supply chain. It is based on principles which come from the pledge for a Zero Tolerance on the issues we know customers are concerned about: dangerous working conditions, forced labour, child labour, bribery & corruption, minimum wages not being paid or unauthorised subcontracting.

We act responsibly and expect the same from all PEPCO associates and business partners.

It is our belief that significant changes start with seemingly small actions, which, on a large scale, bring about impressive results. At PEPCO, we make operational decisions which take into account the impact on the environment with regards to our use of natural resources, and the positive effects of recycling and energy efficiency.

All newly opened PEPCO stores are fitted with LED lighting. In existing stores, older, less efficient lighting is continuously replaced with the newer, more environmentally friendly technology.

We offer a collection facility for used batteries in all of our stores. Next to the tills, we have placed containers where customers can deposit them.

We segregate waste throughout the chain.

All shopping bags sold at PEPCO are ecoLoop bags made from recycled plastic waste. In this way, we contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by as much as 40% in comparison with traditional plastic shopping bags.

Our fleet cars all conform to the most restrictive European emissions standard, Euro 6, effective since 2014.

At PEPCO, our social priorities revolve around children and improving the quality of their free time, their development and their education and providing them with equal life opportunities. We cooperate with public charity organizations, develop our own original assistance programmes and get involved as volunteers. In each of our countries of operation, we launch various initiatives targeted at children. We finance all prosocial projects entirely from the profits from the sale of carrier bags in our stores.



Bulgaria join to PEPCO family.


Latvian and Estonian customers enjoy PEPCO stores.


Croatian, Slovenian and Lithuanian customers enjoy PEPCO stores.


We managed to double the number of shops in less than two years and opened the 1,000th PEPCO outlet.


PEPCO has shops in Romania and Hungary.


Celebrating the 500th PEPCO shop.


Customers from outside Poland can now buy from PEPCO: opening shops in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Opening the hundredth PEPCO shop.


The first 14 PEPCO shops are established, located in large cities like Poznań, Bydgoszcz and Gdansk.


The beginning of laying the foundations for the chain business.

Our Employees

The European PEPCO chain employs more than 16,000 people, among them more than 500 in the Poznań head office and more than 500 employees of the distribution. We still have employees who back in 1999 worked as first on developing our company. Despite the large scale of operations, this is one of the reasons why we have managed to maintain an open family-like atmosphere. 

Awards and accolades

Pepco is among the companies most recognised by the customers and market experts as proved by millions of our shoppers as well as industry awards and accolades bestowed for the quality, popularity, trust and trustworthiness. We are proud of all the praises which stimulate us to grow for the benefit of our customers and employees.

A Decade of Brands Awards

PEPCO has been recognised by SUPER BRAND for featuring in the ‘Super Brand – Quality, Trust and Reputation’ poll for the 10th time in a row! Our brand is one of the most appreciated brands among customers and market experts – and now has been for a full decade!

Quality Service Star 2019

Every year, in an ongoing survey as part of the Polish National Customer Service Programme, millions of opinions from consumers are recorded regarding their satisfaction levels in relation to thousands of companies. Once again, Pepco was rated as being trustworthy and customer-friendly.

Superbrand 2019

An accolade for the fastest developing and most recognizable brands in the Polish market. The PEPCO brand has been awarded again. It has received the SUPERBRAND distinction for Quality, Trust and Renown.

Forbes' Diamonds 2018

Forbes' Diamonds are given to the most dynamically growing companies in Poland which have the highest financial credibility and reliability ratings based on data collected by the international business services company Bisnode Polska in consultation with editorial board of the Forbes Magazine. Once again, Pepco was awarded this highly-valued title.