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Cooperation with Property Owners

As we continue to expand dynamically, we are always seeking premises for long-term lease. If you are the owner of such premises you can also become part of PEPCO’s success!

Commercial property leasing – cooperation with property owners

Due to PEPCO’s continuous development, we are seeking to cooperate with property owners in the scope of long-term commercial property leasing.

Our offer is addressed  to:

  • Owners of real estate which features premises that fulfil our criteria,
  • Developers providing new commercial premises,
  • Commercial chains (food and home appliance retailers) regarding subleasing and the shared use of commercial areas.

We are seeking locations which should meet the following criteria:

  • Are situated in towns with at least ca 25,000 inhabitants,
  • Are situated on major roads, with access to residential areas, in visible sites and with access from main roads;
  • Are situated on the major shopping streets of towns/estates, where natural shopper traffic occurs;Are situated near self-service food stores operated by chain operators (where possible);

Cover total areas of minimun 450 – 650m2

  • Are on one storey (ground floor level);
  • Have entrances directly from the street;
  • Are as close as possible to being rectangular in shape;
  • Have no inner pillars or columns;
  • Have no walls in the sales areas;
  • Have no internal and/or external stairwells;
  • Fulfil our retail requirements;
  • Are in good general technical condition;
  • Have a separate service entrance/delivery area ensuring convenient handling/unloading;
  • Provide convenient access for delivery vehicles.


We look forward to working with you!
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