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Privacy policy

1. Administrator of your personal data Pepco Poland Sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Poznań, ul. Strzeszyńska 73 A

2. Data protection inspector for Pepco Group and his contact details All entities of Pepco Group have appointed a data protection inspector, who may be contacted in all matters regarding personal data processing and exercising the rights related to data processing.

If you want to contact the data protection inspector for Pepco Group use the following contact details:

Daniel Wieszczycki Personal Data Protection Inspector
Pepco Poland Sp. z o. o., ul. Strzeszyńska 73 A, Poznań

3. What is the purpose of processing your personal data?

3.1 Visiting our websites generally does not require providing any personal data.

3.2 When you use our services we gather information regarding interaction between the Users and Services and content, including: information on the device and logging in, so called system logs including the date, time of the visit, IP number of the device used for connection and the data on Services views statistics, internet traffic to and from given websites. The purpose of the above activities is to develop the Services and adjust them to the User’s needs. The data may be also used for the purposes of direct marketing. The data recorded in server logs is not associated with specific persons using the Service of System and is not used by the Administrator to identify the User.

3.3 Furthermore your data may be also processed upon your explicit consent for the purposes of direct marketing use of a newsletter.

More information in Pepco Privacy Policy Newsletter.

4. How long will your personal data be stored?

4.1 As far as adjusting the content of Administrator’s Services to your interests, detecting bots and abuses and statistical measurements and development of the service are concerned, providing advertisements adjusted to your interests via Services and out of them, your data will be processed until an objection is raised or until you terminate using Administrator’s services.

4.2 The data will be processed for marketing purposes (newsletter). We will keep processing your data until you revoke your permission for such processing.

5. What is the legal base for processing your personal data?

5.1 As far as adjusting the content of Administrator’s Services to your interests, detecting bots and abuses and statistical measurements and development of the service and in some cases marketing purposes are concerned your data will be processed pursuant to Article 6 section 1 item f) of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (“RODO”) (justified interest of the administrator). The justified interest of the administrator is constituted by adjusting the wording of the Administrator’s services, for example internet services to your needs, ensuring security of those services and constant development of Administrator’s products and providing advertisements adjusted to your interests in Services and out of them

5.2 Your voluntary consent constitutes legal basis for processing your personal data for marketing purposes (newsletter).

6. Requirement of providing data

6.1 Data processing for the purpose od adjusting the content of internet websites of the Administrator to your interests detecting bots and abuses in Administrator’s services, statistical measurements and development of the Administrator’s services is necessary to provide high quality of Administrator’s services. Not gathering your personal data for those purposes may prevent correct provision of services.

6.2 Providing personal data for marketing purposes (newsletter) is voluntary.

7. To whom is your personal data transferred?

7.1 Your data may be transferred to entities processing personal data upon the request of the Administrator, i.a. IT services providers, marketing agencies – those entities process the data pursuant to an agreement with the administrator and only in accordance with Administrator’s requests.

7.2 Your data may also be prepared for entities authorized to receive them pursuant to the applicable legal provisions, for example law enforcement authorities in the event of the authority requesting the data pursuant to applicable legal provisions (for example for the purposes of ongoing criminal proceedings).

8. Transferring the data out of the European Economic Area Your data will not be transferred to any third country out of the European Economic Area.

9. What are your rights related to personal data processing?

You have the following rights related to your personal data being processed by us:

● The right to access your data, including the right to receive a copy of it.

● The right to request the data to be corrected.

● The right to delete the data (in specific situations)

● The right to file a complaint with a supervising authority dealing with protection of personal data.

● The right to limit the processing of personal data.

● You may also exercise the following rights within the scope of your data being processed pursuant to a consent or within the frames of the service provided (the data is necessary fot providing the service):

● the right to withdraw the consent within the scope of the data processing covered by it.

Consent withdrawal does not influence legality of processing done in accordance with the consent before it was withdrawn.

● the right to transfer the personal data, i.e. to receive your personal data from the Administrator in structured, commonly used machine-readable format.

You may send the data to another data administrator.

Please contact the Inspector for Protection of Personal Data at to exercise the above rights.

10. Information on „cookies”

10.1 Using the Administrator’s service you remain anonymous until you decide otherwise. Information included in system logs (for example IP address) and deriving from general principles of Internet connections is used by the Administrator’s services for technical purposes related to servers administration. Apart from that IP addresses are used to gather general, statistical demographic information (for example about the region from which the connection is established).

10.2 Your Internet browser may save cookies on the hard drive of your computer. The cookies files include information necessary for correct functioning of the Service, especially those requiring authorization.

10.3 Administrator’s Services store cookies on users’ computers to:

● better adjust the Services to users’ needs; for example to present you with a list of shops from your neighborhood;

● create statistics of views;

● present internet advertisements of the content matching user’s interests in the best possible way;

10.4 Due to lifetime of cookies and other similar technologies we use two types of those files: session – temporary files stored in the end device until logging out, leaving the website and application or quitting the software (Internet browser); permanent – stored in the end device of the user for the time specified in cookies parameters or until they are deleted by the user.

10.5 We use the following types of cookies depending on the purpose: Files ensuring security, for example used to detect abuse. Performance cookies – enable gathering information on the manner of using Internet websites; Functional cookies – enable „remembering” settings selected by the User and personalization of the User interface, for example within the scope of the selected language or region in which the User resides, font size, page layout etc. Advertisement cookies – enable providing the Users with advertisement content more suitable for their interests; The Services use the internet marketing consisting in retargeting. It allows our partners to present Users with advertisements based on their interactions with the parties to the Service. For example a User who viewed information on clothes while visiting the Service website may see an advertisement of the viewed products while visiting another websites. Statistical cookies – enable statistical calculation related to internet websites and applications.

10.6 There is possibility of configuring your Internet browser resulting in cancelling the possibility to save cookies on the hard drive of your computer.

10.7 Additional information on cookies and other technologies may be found i.a. at or in the Help section of the internet browser.

11. Other information

11.1 Administrator’s services may use social plug-ins for social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest. Functionality provided by those plug-ins allows you to recommend some content or share it in the given social Service. Remember that while using those plug-ins you exchange data with the given social portal. The Administrator does not process that data and has no knowledge on the type of the gathered data. Due to that we encourage you to familiarize yourself with regulations and privacy policies of the owners of those social services before using the given plug-in.