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In order to ensure the service’s streamlined operations and to take full advantage of its functionality, the service may use or download data or information about you. The mentioned data or information is gleaned automatically by the IT system managing the service. On top of that, you provide voluntarily some data, for example when subscribing to the newsletter. What is more, as part of the service, we use cookies and data related to geolocation. All your data or information is confidential and protected.




The service downloads or uses the following data or information:

1) the system logs,

2) data which allows to locate a service user,

3) the e-mail address, the name, the day and month of birth, the postal code provided when subscribing to the newsletter,

4) data provided for contact purposes.


The system logs are data and information obtained from web browsers used by you to browse the service, namely:

1) the type and version of the web browser and the operating system installed in the device by means of which you connect with the service,

2) the IP address from which you connect with the service,

3) the date of connecting with the service and the time you have devoted to staying in the service in a single session,

4) the amount of data downloaded from the service or sent out from the device you used to connect with the service.

The data and information behind the system logs are used exclusively for statistical or technical purposes related to the service’s operations and are not associated with other data or information obtained in the service.


The geolocation service allows to find a PEPCO shop which is nearest to the user’s latest location. To this end, the service downloads information about the location of the user’s device  in order to connect with the service. The geolocation service uses the IP address and requires your consent. After choosing the “Shops” tab, the “browser” subsite, the following question will pop up: “Do you agree on making your location data available?”. Clicking on the “Yes” button means that you agree to using the information about your location and the service finding the nearest Pepco shop.


The service makes available a digital subscription to information related to Pepco’s products and the company itself (a newsletter). In order to order the newsletter, you should provide your electronic mail address, your name, day and month of birth and the postal code. The information included in the newsletter may be of commercial nature as interpreted in the act of 18 July 2002 on rendering electronic services while making your e-mail address available is an act of ordering such information. At any time, you will have an opportunity to resign from the newsletter by clicking on the link included in the message you will receive.


Owing to the service, the interested customers will be able to contact us by means of a form available in the service. The data provided for contact purposes includes the e-mail address of the interested individual.




The service uses cookies i.e. text files saved and stored in the end device by means of which the user is connected with the service. Cookies ensure that the service content is displayed properly, improve the safety of using the service and identify the scope of information gleaned by the service about the user’s preference. Cookies also make it easier for the user to use the service, in particular by automatically adjusting the service content to the user’s preference. 

In a standard configuration, website browsers accept cookies. However, it is possible to change the browser’s settings  in order to block cookies. The mode of changing the browser’s settings depends on the type of the browser. 





The personal data processed in the service is administered by PEPCO Marketing sp. z o.o. seated in Poznań, 60-479 Poznań, ul. Strzeszyńska 73A. Personal data will be processed in order to maintain the service, for marketing purposes including sending information by means of the newsletter, communication with the service users and for employment purposes. The scope of the processed personal data includes data indicated in this privacy policy. 


Providing personal data is effected on a voluntary basis.


Everyone has the right of accessing his or her personal data and changing it.


The procedures of processing personal data in relation with the service fulfil the safety requirements as provided in the legal act of 29 August 1997 on protecting personal data and the ordinance of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 29 April 2004 re.: documentation of processing personal data and the technical and organizational conditions to be fulfilled by IT devices and systems used to process personal data. 





To report any issues related to the service and its operations go to the Contact tab.