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Pepco has been awarded again

Yet again, PEPCO has been awarded three exceptional business prizes, namely the Service Quality Star 2018, the Super Brand 2018 and Forbes’ Diamonds 2018. 

The Service Quality Star is an accolade bestowed for over a decade. The award communicates values which are priceless in business like quality and reliability and is evidence of the customers’ trust and the satisfaction they derive from the  services, in this specific case from shopping at PEPCO. The methodology of evaluating companies with respect to the quality of service is based on the consumers’ votes collected on a multi-platform with a mobile application Premia360. The votes serve to identify brands enjoying high customer service indices or an appropriately large quantitative sample and qualify for stage two of the survey. Later on, a questionnaire survey is carried out by means of computer-assisted web interviewing ( CAWI)  on a sample of approximately 1,700 respondents. The companies which will be best evaluated by the consumers on the multi-platform and in the CAWI survey and which stand out against the average results in their respective industries receive the prestigious title of the Service Quality Star. Customers prefer tested and recommended brands and for this reason the accolade is of great significance to PEPCO chain.

Forbes’ Diamonds is a ranking list of companies whose value grows most rapidly; for 10 years the list has been compiled by the editors of “Forbes” magazine and Bisnode Polska. The tradition of the Diamonds and, first and foremost, the database and huge comparative information collected for years provide perfect material for analysing qualitative changes and the nature of Polish economy. When a list is assembled, into consideration are taken companies which have submitted financial reports before the court for the respective financial year  or have published them in Monitor Polski.  At stage one of the analysis, the shortlist includes companies with positive financial results and the risk factor below 4 (according to the Bisnode rating). Analysts rate a company by means of the Swiss method which combines the assets method and the revenues method (the employees’ potential, the know-how, the profits, the investment, the assets growth). In this year’s regional ranking, PEPCO was placed second. 

Super Brand: quality, trust, reputation – this is an accolade bestowed to three-times winners of the Good Brand programme. They enjoy the customers’ unlimited trust, the brands’ well-established reputation, an invariably high and robust market position and quality offered by a product or service. The Good Brand Programme has been organized for 8 years with the goal of selecting the best brands in the specific industries. On an annual basis, the specific market segments are analysed by the Market Research and Analyses Department of the Media Press Group. The observations include the producer’s market position, the existing and potential customers, the products’ prices, the distribution channels, the marketing power, the quality, value and recognisability in the industry. Consumer research is also carried out by means of telephone interviews, direct interviews and online questionnaires. The best are selected on the basis of all the data. 

This is an accolade very important to our chain as it reflects the results of the hard work and constant commitment of all the employees to PEPCO’s growth which translates into our customers’  lasting satisfaction. We are very proud and grateful that we have been rewarded again in several important rankings. 


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