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Better Cotton is one of the biggest non-profit organizations that help cotton growers convert to more environmentally friendly and socially sustainable farming methods. Just between 2019 and 2020, all over the world, BC had worked with 2,4 million farmers and trained them to use water efficiently, care for soil health and natural habitats, reduce use of the most harmful chemicals and respect workers’ right and wellbeing.

Pepco is the first Poland-based company which is part of this initiative.

Soon, you will be able to find the Better Cotton logo on the products in our stores. However, it does not mean that products marked are made from BC cotton. Cotton sourced through Better Cotton is mixed with other cotton on its journey from the field to the final product. This is called a mass balance system. It is like when you buy renewable energy: by buying it you contribute to the growth of cleaner energy production rather than ensuring that a specific kind of electricity is in your sockets.

Until 2025 at Pepco we will be sourcing at least 25% of our cotton through Better Cotton.

By sourcing cotton through BC, we are playing a part in raising cotton production standards as well as helping farmers and the local environment. Read more at: